Simple Kids
Van Breestraat 29
2018 Antwerpen

(03) 257 16 82

  • Melanie Ireland (°07/05/1966)
  • Born and raised on the English countryside
  • Started travelling at age 18
  • 1988, Belgium: designed for the Antwerp clothing company Anvers for a number of years and quickly became the main designer. Her designs led to her own collection (Simple D'Anvers) and the opening of a shop in Antwerp
  • Inspired by her pregnancy she launched her own kids collection in 1997: "simple kids" was born.
  • Lives in the centre of Antwerp with her two teenage daughters
  • The simple kids collection is for both boys and girls, ages ranging from 3 months up to 14 years old. Lots of different fabrics, prints and styles are used, often inspired by Melanie's travelling all over the world. A huge amount of time and passion is put in making the collection, which shows in its details...
  • The collection sells all over the world